Township Nine At The River District

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Infill projects seek to redefine the way we envision Sacramento’s borders.

November, 2013
In California’s post-redevelopment era, landowners, developers and local governments have struggled to make infill projects pencil out. Unlike new suburban developments that offer blank canvases and creative freedom, infill projects are most often shoehorned into existing neighborhoods and commercial developments where community expectations are high and cleanup costs are steep.
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Business Journal - Community Impact Township Nine

September 27, 2013
Sixty-five acres of urban infill development doesn't come along every day. Faced with a nearly blank canvas, how does a developer decide what to out on it?
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Catalyst Projects For California Sustainable Communities

July 13, 2011
The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is pleased to announce the selection of thirteen California communities as Catalyst Projects under the Department's Catalyst Projects for California Sustainable Strategies Pilot Program
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Township Nine in the River District proclaimed shining example of public private partnership and bright spot for Sacramento

March 2, 2011
As construction of light rail tracks between downtown and Richards Boulevard chugs away, and backhoes and bulldozers demolish aged, rusty warehouses, the noise apparently reached Washington D.C.
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Developers Break Ground on Proposed LEED ND-Certified, Master-Planned Community in Sacramento

August 31, 2009
Sacramento, Calif. — Township Nine, a 65-acre urban infill development in Sacramento, Calif., is ready to break ground in the city's downtown River Distrcit
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Groundbreaking Kicks Off at Township Nine

June 12, 2009
Jun 12. - A groundbreaking with speeches and a ceremonial blasting down of a wall Thursday kicked off construction of Township Nine, a development expected to place 2,900 residences, offices and stores on 65 acres just north of downtown Sacramento.
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